The grand-prize winner of the Spring PhotoVoice Awards revealed

May 18, 2015

Daniel Ali is the grand-prize winner of theprintspace PhotoVoice Awards Spring Edition!

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View this video to see highlights of the evening of the exhibition launch and comments from Tom Elkins, CEO of PhotoVoice and Daniel:

Daniel had this to say about his work:

This selection of images come from a larger project titled ‘Searching For Karachi’ which consists of portraits and moments depicting the everyday for a Karachiite street dweller.  In 2012 I visited Karachi with a 4×5 camera with the aim of developing an understanding for and empathy with life in a city that is portrayed by the media as a melting pot for religious extremism, a hot bed of terrorist activity and riddled with all levels of corruption.

There is no other way to handle a city like Karachi other then to allow the energy and organised chaos to take you from one moment to the next, delving into the many different cultural, political and religious factions.

As a result of my varying experiences at street level it soon became apparent that the individuals that make up the hustle and bustle of Karachi life are the ones who suffer the most.  Daily life is unpredictable and dangerous, as a result hard working families, business owners and the lower classes are forced to live with the consequences of extenuating circumstances such as the country’s geo-political position, interference from the West and their own fragile government.

Daniel’s work is available to buy via thehub here:

The exhibition, which is showing Daniel’s work along with the 6 runners up, is open now, Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm until closing on Thursday 28th May. You can find us at 74 Kingsland Road, E2 8DL, London.

Find out more information about theprintspace PhotoVoice Awards here, and keep an eye out for the announcement of the Summer Edition.


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