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Renowned photographer exhibits a limited time series

Join us on Thursday 3rd December from 7.30pm for the private view of Never Turn Back (#ntb_show) - the event is open invite, and admission is, as always, free. The carefree exhibition shows for a limited time only and is exclusive to theprintspace.

tumblr_nydghtdm291qahvd2o4_500.jpg tumblr_nydghtdm291qahvd2o2_500.jpg


Never Turn Back is coming to theprintspace Gallery for an exclusive short run show!

This unique new photographic exhibition is an ode to friendship, space, and free spirit.

Beautifully presented black and white fine art prints reveal a sea brined Yarmouth Coast, dusty junk shops, the curves of an old car as pleasing as a pin up girl, and the kids with feral grins kicking sand under a Norfolk sky.


tumblr_nydghtdm291qahvd2o1_1280.jpg tumblr_nydghtdm291qahvd2o5_500.jpg


If you’re on Facebook, check out the event page here.

The exhibition then opens to the public from Friday 4th December until Wednesday 9th December (Mon - Fri, 9am - 7pm), and theprintspace Gallery will also be open on the weekend (Sat + Sun, 12 - 6pm) exclusively for the show!

We’re pleased to announce our next exhibition, Never Turn Back, by award-winning photographer Dean Chalkley!


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