Critically acclaimed photographer Dougie Wallace exhibits Harrodsburg with theprintspace

August 14, 2015

Dougie Wallace’s Harrodsburg Exhibition – The growing wealth divide; a visual journey through the most pressing social issue of our modern times.




We’re extremely excited to announce that we will hosting Dougie Wallace’s upcoming exhibition, Harrodsburg

The large-scale exhibition will also mark the opening of the East London Photomonth Photography Festival.

Critically acclaimed photographer Dougie Wallace continues to push the boundaries of the social documentary genre with his latest body of work, expanding on the issues raised in his Bangla Town project, which documented the gentrification of an inner city community. Turning his attention to the consequences of the rising economic and political power of the ‘one per cent’, the result is Harrodsburg: an up-close wealth safari exploring the wildlife that inhabits the super-rich residential and retail district of Knightsbridge and Chelsea.

Employing his trademark wit and keen eye for the absurd, Wallace has produced an uncompromisingly revealing series of pictures which satire the super rich and their spending habits in uncomfortably intimate, gaudy detail.

To see the full project, with freshly captured images added by Wallace in the lead-up to the exhibition, for fine art print sales and to secure your place at exclusive Harrodsburg events, visit the dedicated project page:

The exhibition will open to the public from: October 2nd to October 20th 2015, Monday – Friday, 9am to 7pm at theprintspace, 74 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DL.

The preview and official launch of the East London Festival Photomonth will take place on 1st October, 7.30-10pm.


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