Exclusive look at the series documenting the European Vogue subculture and scene

December 8, 2015

Come, Bring Punish is friend and acclaimed photographer Ewen Spencer’s latest project, documenting the European Vogue scene and life within and around it. Get involved in the book through the Kickstarter campaign!



Forever crystallised into the collective pop consciousness through Madonna’s hit single from 1990, the European Vogue scene is a relatively new incarnation of the predominantly Black and Gay New York dance sub-culture from the late 80s. Today it attracts people from all walks of life, and celebrates cultural and lifestyle diversity as Europe expands and changes.

The greater visual appeal is that it is a sub-culture in development, much in the same way as UK Garage was in the late 90s, taking aspects of Soul, House and Jungle to define itself visually and musically.

European Vogue is part way through it’s arc. It has its own music and DJs, It has MCs helping to define a sociolinguistic that re-appropriates and determining a sense of belonging. It has its own clubs and followers.

There is a hardcore following of people travelling across Europe to themed balls, taking part in designing their own outfits for each individual event. Workshops are held in the days leading up to a ball teaching the dance moves, hosted by legendary Voguers. It is bonafide, authentic. It is everything to this small and dedicated group.

There’s only a few days left to get involved in the crowd-fund, where you can score some fantastic rewards including the book itself, before it’s released to the public!

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