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August 6, 2015

This is your chance to take advantage of our exhibition sponsorship opportunities. This is an exclusive open call to all print artists and our clients wanting to exhibit amazing work. Are you planning an exhibition between August and October this year?


Open call to artists! Are you planning an exhibition between August and October this year?

In line with our ongoing goal of supporting and being associated with groundbreaking and outstanding artwork, we’re putting out an open call to anyone planning an exhibition in the coming months to get in touch and discuss their projects with us. The sponsorship opportunities available include:

1. ‘Print Partner’ sponsorship

We often sponsor exhibitions by taking on all or some of the printing costs, as a ‘print partner’ in cases where: 

  • a) A project or body of work is of exceptional quality, demonstrating an original concept, subject matter or creative execution.
  • b) An exhibition will achieve a high degree of exposure with our core audience of photographers, illustrators and other visual creatives.

2. Print sales sponsorship

Even if your project doesn’t quite fit with our criteria for ‘Print Partner’ sponsorship, we can provide up to 50% off your exhibition printing costs if you plan to sell prints to the public using our new online print sales application, ‘thehub’.

In additional to these sponsorship opportunities, our clients’ exhibitions also benefit from the support of our dedicated marketing team, providing assistance with exhibition publicity, print sales and much more. And we appreciate that every show is a unique and a very personal expression, as well a pivotal and critical moment in your career.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about the support we can offer and to discuss your exhibition concept.

t: 0207 729 1774

e: marketing@theprintspace.co.uk

theprintspace team

Image by Matthew Airey | aireyphotos.com


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