GOST book co-director gives incredible insight into loved independent publishers

May 19, 2016

theprintspace’s Harry Rose recently spoke with GOST books co-Director and Editor Gordon MacDonald who have a stall at this year’s OffPrint Fair at Tate Modern’s Turbine hall which coincides with Photo London at Somerset House.




Come along on Friday 20 May 18:00 – 22:00 to get 50% off GOST book titles! And on Saturday 21st Chloe Sells and Murray Bullard will be book signing their latest titles published with GOST.

Hey Gordon! Introduce yourself to our readers, what do you do?

I am co-Director of and editor at GOST Books. I am also sometimes a writer, curator and one half of the creative partnership MacDonaldStrand.

How did you first get involved with publishing?

I was the Head of Projects at a publically funded photographic organisation and took many of the commissioned projects both to exhibition and publication. Slowly the publications took over as my main focus.




The books from GOST have always been a high standard from content to the overall look and feel. How do you go about selecting projects and people to work with?

Thanks! Most of our projects are drawn from submissions, but we get many more submissions than we are able to publish. With so many submissions, we get to publish with great people and work.

Over the 3 years GOST has been publishing books, has there been a stand out moment that makes all the hard work all worth it?

Making friends with the people we work with. Especially Rafal Milach, who cheers me up everytime I see him.

Has self-publishing effected publishing houses like yourself?

Not really. People like to think of the auteur when it comes to publications and exhibitions, but the truth is they are always collaborations. Small publishers and self-publishers serve the same function, but small publishers tend to be more organised because of a more continuous output.

What can you get out of going with a Publishing house that you can’t by going self published?

Established distribution, good advice on design and production, press and marketing, etc. We also support artists through the difficult process of making a book, which cannot be underestimated.




What is it about publishing and photobooks in particular that made you want to set up a publishing house?

I don’t know specifically why. I just did it. Sometimes it makes me feel fulfilled and sometimes desperate. But the collaborations always feel worthwhile and creative.

Events like Offprint London are always useful and fun. What are the advantages of having a stand at an event like this?

It is just that – the fun of it. We also use the fairs to launch books and hold signings. It’s nice to meet up with friends and colleagues from around the world also.

What’s in the pipline for GOST books wise?

Some more books. Not to be coy, but projects are never certain until the ink is on the paper. So it will have to be a surprise.

Offprint dates and opening times:

Friday 20 May 2016, 18.00 – 22.00

Saturday 21 May 2016, 12.00 – 20.00

Sunday 22 May 2016, 12.00 – 18.00


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