Hope for Haiti: The Pink Door Photographs

July 22, 2016

Exhibition Hope For Haiti:  The Pink Door Photographs by Rodney Rascona printed by theprintspace

Here at theprintspace we love sharing with you striking and impactful projects by our clients. This is no different with the work by Rodney Rascona and his photographs of people living through the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. 


The Pink Door Photographs by Rodney Rascona printed by theprintspace woman kissing a child


“I wanted to create a series of photographs which hadn’t been attempted before, at least not in a relief setting, which would show the vitality and spirit which IS the Haitian people, if only for a brief moment. To that end, I believe we were successful in creating something fresh, something new if you will…a leading style of portraiture which should capture peoples imagination and inspire them to play their part…

It’s not a right to take photographs of someone in pain or in strife. They own their poverty and it’s a privilege for me to be given the right…the right…to create an image in their midst at their most vulnerable.”

“At the very least, we created relationships – friendships which will enable this image maker room to return – to be a guest at their humble table and once again be given the immense honour of being a welcome witness to their life. Be it filled with unbridled joy or immense sadness…as a mature, veteran professional photographer like my colleagues, I will be there to play my role…for good.”

Private View: 27th July 2016  7pm,

Big Buoy, 1-5 Poland Street,

London, W1F 8PR



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