Make money with your prints at the Sony World Photography Awards

April 6, 2016


We at theprintspace are very excited to be the exclusive print partner for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition for the second year running. Once again, fine -art prints of the exhibited work at the show will be available for sale to visitors at the exhibition shop and also online via the World Photography Organisation’s website. 

This is made possible by theprintspace’s cloud-based application for selling art, ‘thehub’. This innovative new service allows photographers to store their images online and create customised branded online art stores to sell prints of their work directly to the public.


Offering your images for sale as prints isn’t compulsory, but if you want to participate, then this is how to do it:

1. Set up a free account on thehub here.

2. Once you’re signed in, follow the simple in-app instructions to upload your images. Make sure that the images you upload are high resolution print-ready files.  Click here for video help.

3. Your uploaded images will all appear under the “Images” tab in thehub. You will need to create one gallery containing only the image/s that have been selected for the Sony World Photography Awards 2016 Exhibition (please do not include any other images)

4. To do this, click to select all the images you wish to sell and a blue navigation bar will appear under your images. Click “Create gallery”. Click here for video help.

5. Now simply title your gallery and set the paper type, size and prices for your print/s. We strongly recommend that you set your print prices at a 400% mark-up or above in order to maximise your income.

6. Click “Save” and the gallery is created. Your print gallery is now ready to share!

7. You’ll now see the gallery you’ve created in the “Galleries” view. Click the blue arrow on the gallery and then click “View” to open up your gallery. In the address bar, you will see an URL unique to your gallery. Copy the URL for your gallery, and email it to so we know that you wish to sell prints.

8. If you have any issues or questions, you can find an in-depth FAQ under the “Help” tab on thehub. You can also email any queries to

9. The deadline for print sales entries is Friday 15TH April 11:59 GMT. Any submissions after this date will not be included in the print sale.


1. Please make sure that you complete your contact details and paypal address in the “Account” tab under “Print Sales Details”. This will enable us to pay you for any prints sold at the Exhibition. If you do not correctly follow this procedure, we cannot guarantee that your prints will be made available for sale.

2. A mandatory contribution of 20% of the value of any prints sold at the Exhibition or via the World Photography Organisation (WPO) will be deducted from your print sale proceeds to support the work of the WPO (the “WPO Fee”). The WPO may also choose to share your gallery on the WPO website and social media channels. By submitting a gallery URL to you agree to allow the WPO to publish your gallery online and to the payment of the WPO Fee. For the avoidance of doubt, any fees and print costs related to thehub will apply over-and-above the WPO Fee. (Costs related to thehub are detailed on thehub when setting pricing for your prints.)

3. Any prints you sell through thehub will be produced and delivered directly to buyers by theprintspace, the official exhibition print partner for the Sony World Photography Awards. You can find out more about the theprintspace, the UK’s leading online fine art printer at


Q. Can my images be stolen when viewed in a gallery online?

A. All files displayed on your gallery online are saved as low resolution 72dpi files, like most websites showcasing photographers images. The images could be screen grabbed, again like any other website, but in terms of printing quality the couldn’t be reproduced as a high quality print.

Q. How secure are my high resolution files?

A. All your high resolution files when upload to thehub are secure in the Microsoft Cloud, only you have access to your files.

Q. I see that sizes in my gallery are A-sizes. What if I wanted to print a different size?

A. The range of sizes we offer from a gallery is generated from A-sizes, but that does not mean that the prints on sale are actually A-sizes, rather it is the biggest print that fits with each A-size. So your image will not be distorted in any way.

Q. What sizes should I offer on my gallery?

A. We recommend when selecting all the print size options available for the selected file. This increases you chances of selling work as it gives the potential customer more options to choose from.

Q. What “profit margin” percentage would you recommend?

A. We recommend in offering approximate “profit margin” of 400%. This is a general rule of thumb for selling non – edition prints. For further discussion on print pricing, please see this article.

Q. Should I offer framing for my images in my hub gallery?

A. Yes, we highly recommend allowing your customers to buy framing. This increases your chances of selling your artwork making it more appealing towards a potential customer.

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