Creative agency creates stunning must see visuals for films

June 23, 2015

Delve is a project by Human After All, a creative agency based in London. Their goal is to commission stunning apt visuals from their extensive artist database for a ‘film of the week’ chosen by a panel of reputed film connoisseurs. We’ve seen extraordinary work from this collective and cannot wait to see more.

Every week, one of their artists produces a beautiful illustration to go along with the recommended ‘Film of the Week’, each of which is available for sale on #thehub. 

We love movies. We’ve always carried within us the desire to share that feeling with other people. In 2005, the founders of HAA launched a movie magazine called Little White Lies and, in the eight years that followed, we created its website, populated its social channels, staged numerous events and developed an app.

Originally our mission – an homage to Almost Famous’ Lester Bangs – was to be ‘honest and unmerciful’. But as we began to mature and evolve, so did our goal. We wanted to turn LWLies into a brand that could actually be ‘useful’ to people.

In fact, we had a new mission: to help people love film more. Two years after leaving LWLies to the hands of others, we’ve never felt this desire more strongly.

This is why Delve was born. It’s not only our return to the world of cinema, but the rejuvenation of our mission to inspire more people to fall more deeply in love with film.

Every Film of the Week will also be celebrated with a beautiful illustrated artwork, which fans can buy, collect and keep forever.

Intrigued? You can find out exactly what Delve is and sign up right now!

You can view the collectable fine art illustrations on offer here on thehub – a new one is added every week so keep an eye out on it!


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