Maui illustrator invites us into his world of dream-like art

July 5, 2016

Edwin Ushiro captures cinematic dream-like moments in life which are his enigmatic illustrations. His images speak volumes, which makes sense when you’re inspiration is derived from people and their colourful stories. You can easily get lost in Ushiro’s worlds.



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A Maui born and California bred illustrator, artist and concept designer living and working in California. We love his dream-like artwork currently on show in Los Angeles!

Hey! Please introduce yourself and what you do! 

Aloha! My name is Edwin Ushiro. Born on Maui and currently residing in Los Angeles where I work as a full-time artist in the film industry and fine art world. My paintings have exhibited at the Villa Bottini in Italy, the Museum of Kyoto, the Portsmouth Museum of Art, the Honolulu Museum of Art and the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

Tell me a little bit about your current project. 

I currently have a solo exhibition entitled, “Capturing What Still Glimmers” at Giant Robot’s GR2 Gallery in Los Angeles. It will be on display until July 6, 2016.


artist Edwin Ushiro photographic printing photography blog


What are the pros and cons you find daily about your practice?

The Pros are that I get to do art for a living. The Cons are that I can get frustrated at times when I go about to solve a problem when making my art. Art making doesn’t always have a consistent solution.

When is the best time to work to get those creative juices going? 

Both in the early morning and late at night.

What is it about your practice that you find so exciting and keeps you hooked? 

I get to live my childhood all over again and see those lovely faces of friends and family who are no longer around.


artist Edwin Ushiro photographic printing photography blog


If you could experiment with any other medium, what would you choose? 

3d prototyping.

Where do you get your daily inspiration? 


What makes you wake up each morning feeling pumped to create some new work? 

Being able to do art for a living is enough for me to get going.

Are there any artists/photographers/writers/filmmakers or musicians where you have in mind when looking at creating new works? 

I listen and read stories from and about the people of Hawaii. They are my inspiration. Their stories are the things that I want to preserve.


artist Edwin Ushiro photographic printing photography blog


What are you currently working on that you just can’t get enough of? 

Painting tiny backgrounds. It’s not intended for any new body of work or exhibition. These paintings are just for me to document my adventures in life.

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to make a career out of your given practice? 

Do what you love and you will never feel like you are working. It doesn’t exempt you from getting tired, but the satisfaction you get from your passion is priceless.

What’s next for you? 

I’m visiting Toronto for my good friend’s wedding.


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