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May 26, 2016

Our friends at British Journal of Photography have announced that they’ll be raising investment via crowdfunding to help them realise their ambitious plans and better serve one of the world’s photographic communities. Starting at just £10, you can own a part of BJP. 

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The photography industry has grown immensely, with the explosion of photography globally helping millions of people enjoy photography and become image-makers in their own right.  With your help, British Journal of Photography can amplify their online coverage, taking in intimate private views, blockbuster exhibitions, international festivals, hefty photobooks and cutting-edge zines.

They recently wrote about Dougie Wallace’s exhibition at theprintspace  – with your investment, BJP can cover every aspect of the photography industry. Register your interest at:

Wallace spent four years photographing the now defunct black and yellow Premier Padmini cabs of Bombay.

The cabs are famous for their garish, psychedelic interiors, as well as the animated character of the drivers.

The cabs have been described as ‘Bollywood disco bars on wheels’, adorned with Hindu gods and goddesses, especially Ganesh, who, with his long trunk and multiple arms, is said to remove all obstacles and evils.

As the sun went down, Wallace could been seen on the streets of Bombay. He would linger at busy junctions or at traffic lights, armed with 3 flashguns and his Glaswegian forwardness.

Over the course of 17 visits to Bombay, Dougie has produced a series of the city’s taxis and the unique part they play in Indian culture, now consigned to history after the cars were phased out in 2015 following legislation to reduce air pollution in the city.

Road Wallah will be shown at theprintspace Gallery, Shoreditch, London from
19th – 27th May, immediately following a large-scale exhibition at Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia.

The project will then travel to Dougie’s hometown for two of his first exhibitions in Scotland at Retina Festival from 11th – 30th July in Edinburgh and at Street Level Photoworks from 4th November to 22nd December, the latter as part of the Season of Photography 2016.

Originally published on BJP Online.



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