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Photographer's portraits commissioned to feature in Manchester bar

The talented Joe Giacomet was commissioned by creative agency Subism to shoot a series of beautiful tattooed portraits to hang inside Manchester’s hottest new bar/restaurant TattuThe exquisitely designed restaurant features a ground floor which pays homage to maritime-themed tattoos. 


On this floor Joe worked with a number of tattooed models including Billy Huxley to create a series of dark moody shots using dark tones and heavy woods to complement the interior. The second floor where the restaurant is has a more ornate, oriental feel. Here Joe worked with Asian models (who had no tattoos) and then handed the images over to Subism’s illustrators who created  stunning full body tattoos to be blended in, in post-production.



There were also other touches such as a custom ‘Peep Show’ wallpaper shot by Joe working with Suicide Girls’ Kayla Cadorna in the restaurants private dining area called ‘The Parlour’, as well as a stunning ‘Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil’ series, where Joe worked with tattooed model Kevin Hey.

All the final images (bar the light boxes and wallpaper) were printed by theprintspace on C-Type Matt, which Joe recommends not only for its quality, but also for its durability on low reflectance when used inside the bar.



See more of Joe’s work here!


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