Beautiful work of UK illustrator and her thoughts on our theHub

June 23, 2015

Today’s blog feature focuses on artist and print designer Liz King, who lives and works in South East London.

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She was born in Lincolnshire and moved to London to study, completing the BA Hon Illustration Degree at Kingston University 2001 where she was awarded the Recommendation for Drawing.   Since graduating she has worked as a textile print designer, designing and selling work both in the UK and internationally. She is excited to be launching her career as an artist.

Liz uses coloured paper and tape to block in colour. Mark-making in pencil explores the patterns and textures of her observations, drawing in almost continuous lines. These works on paper take inspiration from local landmarks and the natural habitat.

She has been obsessively creating this new collection of work, which is being shown at The Gallery, Ruby and Norm, London, SE13 5PL from the 15th June to 30th June 2015.

theprintspace has been an integral part to the organisation of this exhibition. Being a busy working mum, using thehub means I only need to upload prints once.  The paper I used for this exhibition is the Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, I have found this particular paper enhances my digital prints, making them more like my original drawings.

Liz King

View Liz’s work on thehub here! | Facebook | Exhibition invitation | Twitter


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