The cinematic portraits of London based photographer revealed

My name is Nick I.D. Masters and I’m a London-based photographer. My work involves a sort of cross over between portraiture and tableau vivant.

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Growing up, I was always making things: strange machines from cardboard, toys from the Argos catalogue… anything that came to mind. I became interested by film and what it was to be a director. The idea that people made imaginary worlds come alive always fascinated me. I got into photography in my early twenties when I saw that it could be a form of self expression and a way to make a living. I began working as a portrait photographer and I also trained as a retoucher. I’ve been freelance for seven years.

These images are part of a body of work I’ve been making over the last year. I’ve been experimenting with pushing my style of shooting whilst creating a sort of loose, ongoing narrative. I’ve been building small sets and working with the people I’m photographing to try to create emotive and relatable but ambiguous moments. Image-making is a way for me to blend thoughts, feelings, fantasy and reality.

My inspirations include JG Ballard, Iain Banks, David Lynch, Francis Bacon, Aphex Twin. They all have a unique translation of the world that is strangely surreal and chaotic. They all brilliantly capture the darker sides of life and the human condition.

I am continuing with the work but developing my ideas and work further. I have some portrait shoots planned in this style, and I am experimenting with video in a similar fashion.

Nick I. D. Masters | @NickIDM