Delphian Gallery presents ‘Obscurely Prophetic’

August 8, 2017

Delphian Gallery presents a group exhibition of contemporary art, photography, and video by Kevin Perkins, Aaron McElroy, Asia Werbel, Sophie Davis, Ellen Pearson, Eric Haacht, Wim Maes, Soraya Jansen, Thomas Kuppler, 616, Maxie Tröltzsch, Eva Schach, and Brooke Didonato & Peter Woodrow taking place at theprintspace (74 Kingsland Rd) between 4th August – 16th August.

“Art must be more than just a pretty picture, as the best art is both beautiful and ugly in one.”  – Delphian Gallery

Obscurely Prophetic’  is a translation of Delphian , the gallery name and they say that the exhibition aims to be just that – giving a platform to varying work that is and will become important to people in a way that may not at first be apparent. The artist-run collective launched this latest exhibition at theprintspace which will serve as a permanent location for several shows per year after a few years curating and hosting pop up exhibitions and zine launches around London.

Below is a selection of some of the incredible artists involved in the exhibition:


Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato was born and raised in Ohio, and is now based in New York City. Her work explores the complexity of human perception and what happens when psychological anomalies manifest in reality.

Buy Brooke’s artwork here.


© Brooke DiDonato

Eric Haacht

Eric is a self taught portrait painter living in a remote part of the UK. The eighties born artist has been painting for ten years. The first portrait he painted was in 2011 and since then he’s only painted portraits with the goal to explore a concern with the ‘immediacy and the artificialness of life (and death) and a yearning to demonstrate his hunch that time and form are a mere ruse.’

Buy Eric’s artwork here.

eric-haacht-delphian-gallery.jpg© Eric Haacht

Asia Werbel

Asia Werbel is a London-based photographer who feels a particular connection to both fashion and reportage. Her most recent works focus on the fashion world, and more specifically the at-ease personalities of the models when they are backstage and ‘off-camera’. She works regularly alongside Dazed, Love, and W magazines.

Buy Asia’s artwork here.


© Asia Werbel

Aaron McElroy
Aaron McElroy is an American Artist/Photographer who is based in New York. His photographs have been exhibited in various galleries, museums across America and Europe, including: Horton Gallery, Ampersand Gallery, Chasm Gallery, FOAM Photography Museum, Nooderlicht, PS1 MOMA and Chelsea Art Museum. He has published 13 monographs and been in countless anthologies.

Buy Aaron’s artwork here.

aaron-mcelroy-delphian-gallery-1 (1).jpg© Aaron McElroy

Maxie Tröltzsch   

Maxie, a Berlin based graphic designer and photographer, takes us on a search for interesting and beautiful aspects in even the most ordinary. Her work invites us to explore the unknown and rethink the known, sharing her perspective, emotions and sense of beauty, leaving questions and room to complete her pictures with our own imagination.

Buy Maxie’s artwork here.

maxie-troltzsch-delphian-gallery.jpg© Maxie Tröltzsch 

Wim Maes

Wim Maes was born in Sint-Niklaas and now lives in Antwerp, Belgium. He studied landscaping but was always fascinated by art, and especially interested in constructivism. As an autodidact he started creating his own work, and soon found his passion in collages.

He finds, cuts and replaces images in order to recreate new, intense stories. His collages are melancholic, almost heavy, only using pictures from the ‘Paris-Match’ magazines (1950-1960 or earlier).

Buy Wim’s artwork here.


© Wim Maes

Soraya Jansen

Soraya Jansen is a 23 year old Malaysian/German artist currently working in London. Despite having a degree in Photography, her work spans on to different mediums including performance, video, ink drawing and sculpture. Through her work she intends to  restore the balance of feminine and masculine energy in the modern world. Focusing on the ideas of tradition, spirituality, climate change, colonialization and globalisation, she explores the differences between the East and West.

Buy Soraya’s artwork here.

soraya-jansen-delphian-gallery.jpg© soraya Jansen

Ellen Pearson

Ellen Pearson is a multidisciplinary artist working between photography, film and set design. Her work concentrates on female focused issues, attempting to challenge commonly held beliefs, exploring the body, sexuality and desire. Her work often has a surreal quality, however she grounds herself in the truth by preferring to use non-models and searching out interesting subjects to document.

Buy Ellen’s work here.

Ellen_Pearson_IPF (3).jpg© Ellen Peason

Kevin Perkins

Kevin Perkins is a Louisiana native living and working in Dallas, Texas. Perkins’ paintings are a synthetic beauty, an icon of the natural world. His work conjures up traditional landscape and nature paintings through the earthy color combinations, rich textures and forms found therein. Perkins’ work intends to evoke a dialogue with the natural landscape without being tied to the particularity of place.
Buy Kevin’s work here.

Kevin-perkins-lowres-web-delphian.jpg© Kevin Perkins

You can see all the artists in the exhibition and more here!

The exhibition runs until the 16th August.

Open: Monday – Friday 9am-7pm


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