Photographers Kalpesh Lathigra and Jack Latham at PhotoForum deliver insight and tips into photography

Last Tuesday we hosted our second Photo Forum event of this year – and what a fantastic event it was!


For this month’s Photo Forum, long form documentary photographers Kalpesh Lathigra and Jack Latham came in to speak to us about their recent work and practice. Both photographers explore and uncover complex stories with their evocative and poetic images, work which is both grand in scale and touchingly intimate. Their work is deeply rooted in history; history of the land and its people. Work which sits at the intersection of art and documentary.

It was an excellent set of talks, with some great insight and not a little intrigue! 

Don’t miss out next month – the Photo Forum events are free, and seating is limited. Keep an eye on Photo Forum on their website and Twitter to be one of the first to know about the next event!