Photographer shares how easy it is to sell art online using thehub

January 1, 1970

Photographers and artist’s love the ease of selling art online, we recently caught up with Piotr who has been a hub user since it first launched, and has been selling art and printing his photographs with thehub & theprintspace.

hub user piotr on selling art online

Hello, tell me a little bit about yourself and what led you to your current practice.

Hi! My name is Piotr; I am London based portrait photographer and surreal artist. Since I remember, art was present in my everyday life. I was always exploring things other people didn’t find interesting. An individualist passionate about underground, edgy arts. I always felt a bit different. I started to take pictures as a hobby, but I realized very quickly that this inner feeling and excitement in my stomach is something more than just a form of interest, It’s a passion. In photography, I like how one idea, emotion, story, can be translated into an image.

I enjoy being surrounded by people, to get to know exciting personalities. For a long time, I was looking for answers in my life. For some reason, somehow, photography answers all my questions. This is why I do it, and this is why I am where I am now.

Tell me about what you’re currently working on.

My five-year art journey led me to many interesting conclusions. I realized that people and their stories are my biggest inspirations. That’s why I am so excited about my new project exploring human mind. I want to look into our subconsciousness. Understand our feelings, emotions and behaviours. Then work with textures and actors face expressions to portray chosen topic in my surreal way. There is so much to explore yet!


portrait photographer on selling art online

clouds over poland photographic print available for purchase via thehub


You choose to print your work with theprintspace, what do you enjoy the most about printing?

When I started to build my own business I had to think not like an artist but also as an entrepreneur. I did the research, printed with few companies before and I couldn’t be happier with the printspace! The quality is fantastic, fast and reliable service with the price I can afford.

There were few other factors as well, like the printing challenges when there are deep blacks and highlights to print on one picture or intense yellows smoothly going to oranges with a different tone around it. You guys handle it excellent!And it was always my concern with other printing companies. And the gallery looks amazing!

What do you want to turn your hand to next?

I have that strong urge for traveling! Artists always look for inspiration and traveling can open your eyes to life aspects you didn’t even know about before. Plus… just look at this! Isn’t it amazing!? 🙂

piotr website of photography

thehub selling art online the fast and easy way

Making art sales can be hard, how has the hub changed the experience of selling art online?

I like the simplicity of the hub. It is so easy to upload pictures, chose the size, pricing, and type of paper you want to use. The fact that you can integrate it with your website so customers by the artwork “from you” is great. It is very professional. Something I was waiting for a long time. Thank you!

What’s it been like being a hub user?

Seamless and effortless. Love the service! Keep up the good work!

london portrait image available for purchase on thehub

How do you go about promoting yourself and your artwork?

I like to create blog posts, tutorials and work on social media, but recently I realized that there is no better promotion than being connected to real people. I like to work on personal projects with people I never worked with before. The result can be a surprise, and that’s the fun bit! You can do wonders when you surround yourself with like-minded people who work with you towards the same goal.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

It all started from following surreal portrait artists like Diggie Vitt, Brian Oldham, Eric Lacombe, Laura Zalenga, Michael Magin, Chris Rivera, Brooke Shaden. I love their creative mind!

Whose artwork/photography are you currently excited by?

There are few photographers I consistently come back to. Currently, I can’t stop thinking about Peter Zelewski’s work. His approach to people and photography is amazing. I attended his workshop recently in The National Portrait Gallery, and It was an eye opener. His experience and personality shines through his images. Fantastic contact with the model helps him to achieve this natural and organic look of someone which is so important! It was great to hang out with him around Soho and Covent Garden.

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