Pop-up print sale to upkeep historic photographic archive and to save Robert Freeman

March 18, 2015

SAVE ROBERT FREEMAN ARCHIVE! The exclusive pop-up print sale, ending 15th May 2015, will raise much needed funds for Robert, who at 78, is in poor health and needs ongoing care, as well as generating vital funds to save his historic photographic archive spanning 60 years.


Lennon sits casually against a Japanese screen at his Japanese inspired home Kenwood in Weybridge, Surrey. He has grabbed a toy panda, belonging to his young son Julian, then just two years old. This private, intimate moment was captured by legendary photographer and long-time friend of Lennon’s, Robert Freeman.

Now and only for a very limited time you can own this iconic snapshot of music history as a limited-edition A3 or A2 archival C-type print taken by Robert, who holds the sole copyright for this collectable photograph.

Legendary photographer Robert Freeman is best known for his long-term relationship with the Beatles.

Now 78, extremely frail, and living alone in a small hostel room he needs care, financial assistance to recuperate and will need a place where he can retain his independence while being properly cared for.

Robert’s valuable archive of work is also falling rapidly into disrepair since he can no longer look after it. We would like to help Robert to recuperate and work on preserving these great images and stories. His is an irreplaceable, analogue body of work, which would be heartbreaking to see needlessly lost to future generations.

Read more about it here, and buy the print NOW via thehub!


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