South Korean artist showcases her portraits of western faces.

June 6, 2016

How artists view another cutlure and ethnicity can be fascninating. No more than the work by Seungpyo Hong and her beautiful and quirky portraits of people she saw during her stay in London. We speak to Seungpyo about what inspires her and the approach to these portraits.




Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello! My name is Seungpyo Hong and I’m an illustrator from South Korea.


tumblr_o8ce3bMLPp1qahvd2o2_500.jpg tumblr_o8ce3bMLPp1qahvd2o4_500.jpg


Where do you get your daily inspiration?

From a blank canvas. I feel something out from my head when I see it. I tend to rely on memory. 

When is your favourite time to work?

At break of the day. Especially when birds start singing and soaking up the calm atmosphere.




What are you currently working on?

I’m currently writing my own illustration book about London fashion, it will come out in South Korea soon!

So, whats next for you?

Well, I reckon that I couldn’t settle down in one place. As an artist I always feel the need to find something new. I lived in London for  year and during the time I visited a lot of places in Europe. I’m considering moving to another city. I haven’t decided anything yet though, Helsinki could be the best place. 


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