Submissions for The Art of Activism open call are open!

August 22, 2019

To celebrate theprintspace becoming carbon neutral, we have launched an open call. The Art of Activism is a call out to donate an artwork about climate change to be sold in The Guardian and benefit the environmental campaigning of Friends of the Earth. We invite everyone around the global creative community to stand up with us and share their protest art to make a stand and inspire others.

To give you an idea of the type of art that we are looking for, we have gathered a selection of amazing donations that we have already received. Check them out:

Experienced curators will select the most powerful work, to be featured as part of a large-scale online feature in the Guardian, and sold exclusively via the Guardian online in limited-edition print runs, with profits donated directly to Friends of the Earth. This means if your work is shortlisted, the profits from your print sales will directly support the vital work of Friends of the Earth.

Do want your inspirational art to be part of this list, have it exhibited at theprintspace Gallery, get featured in The Guardian and other media outlets, support Friends of the Earth with their crucial work and have it seen by thousands of people during the Global Climate Strike on the 20th of September? We’ll take that as a yes!

Share your work to The Art of Activism open call, post and share it on social media, tag us and make sure as many people as possible get inspired by your work, to also donate and stand up for the future and well being of our planet.

How to enter

  • Sign up or login into creativehub
  • Upload your artwork(s) for submissions
  • Share your artwork(s) via the art of activism suggested share

For more detailed instructions click here

Open call details 

  • Digital submission via creativehub
  • Submissions free of charge
  • All art genres welcome
  • Deadline 01/09/2019 at 23:59BST

Entry terms 

  • Submissions are digitally submitted via creativehub only.
  • To be printed as placard sized prints
  • Artworks can be exhibited at theprintspace Gallery.
  • theprintspace will determine the curation of the public exhibition.
  • Exhibited artworks can be selected to be sold via The Guardian.
  • Print sale profits will be donated to Friends of the Earth

Get in touch

Use the live chat function which operates during UK office hours by clicking the blue icon in the bottom right of your page. Alternatively, use the form provided and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.