Nature and its intricate beauty; theprintspace presents The Symmetry Of All Things Living

October 31, 2016

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theprintspace presents a group exhibition of drawings and illustrations by Lucille Clerc, Mariana Rodrigues, Kristjana S Williams, Joseph A Goode, Delphine Lebourgeois and taxidermy installation pieces by Harriet Horton taking place at theprintspace Gallery (74 Kingsland Rd) between 3rd November – 9th November.

The Symmetry Of All Things Living’  tells 6 different stories about the connection between nature, humanity and it’s intricate beauty.  Drawing inspiration from the natural world by deconstructing and layering, each artist depicts the powerful relationship between species and the space around them. 

The artworks combine a mix of techniques: pencil, ink, watercolor, digital manipulation, collage and taxidermy which are each used to create intricate imagery by exploring symmetry and patterns. References to Victorian etching and drawing, contrasting colours and earthy tones printed on large scale Fine Art Giclee, creating beautiful works with a surreal twist. 

Join us on November 3rd for the private view of this truly unique and collaborative exhibition by reserving your free ticket below. 

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Lucille Clerc

Lucille is a French illustrator based in East London.  A lot of her personal work is inspired by London, and the relationship between nature and cities, with the work handcrafted throughout the process from drawing to screen printing. 

Buy Lucille’s work here. 

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Mariana Rodrigues

Mariana is a Portuguese illustrator based in London. Her style has been inspired by her adventures around the world, having lived in Porto, Zurich, Tokyo and now London. Her multi-layered illustrations are based on deconstructing nature — and reassembling them into a new, imaginary whole. She loves intricate patterns, symmetry and never-ending details. 

Buy Mariana’s artwork here.  

  Mariana Rodrigues theprintspace London Fine Art Printers


Delphine Lebourgeois
Winner of the Images 29 Critics Award, Delphine’s recent work draws from various stylistic sources ranging from Botticelli to comic books; referencing these in a playful way. Delphine works with a variety of mediums including digital manipulation and collage, to pencil, pen, ink and watercolour.

Buy Delphine’s artwork here.  

Delphine Lebourgeois theprintspace Shoreditch Fine Art


Joseph A Goode
Based in East London, his work is produced by a complex process of fusing hand-drawn and vintage imagery into ‘assemblage’ pieces. Some of the pieces contain over a thousand components collected from vintage publications – many of which are over 500 years old. These images are processed into a digital format, and then collated meticulously into the final artwork, each piece taking hundreds of hours to complete.
With the success of his artwork, Joseph has created a luxury fashion, interior decoration and design brand ‘Santorus’.

Buy Joseph’s artwork here.  
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Kristjana S. Williams   

Kristjana quickly gained critical acclaim as creative director of Beyond the Valley. In 2011, Kristjana began creating fine art pieces, art prints, furniture and more.   Her work has become well known throughout the industry winning numerous awards including a D&AD award, Clio Award and a first prize at New York Festivals Grand Prix. 

 Kristjana S Williams  theprintspace London Illustration Exhibition 


Harriet Horton

Harriet is a 28 year old self-taught artist currently living in London. The largely self-taught artist, tired of the traditional presentation of taxidermy, lends the ancient art a surreal and contemporary twist.  Her approach to taxidermy has always been to explore animals in a foreign environment from their original habitat. The use of dyes and lighting allow a playful narrative to a medium that sometimes holds a macabre association. It’s this juxtaposition of organic material with neon lighting that has become her signature style.

Harriet Horton has been described by AnOther magazine as one of the five most marvelous modern taxidermy artists of 2015.

Harriet Horton theprintspace London Hoxton Fine Art Giclee Printers

As always, entry is free, but make sure to RSVP to avoid disappointment. 

We look forward to seeing you there!



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