Showcasing the best of the UK’s emerging photography talent at theprintspace Gallery.

October 7, 2016

Trajectory theprintspace London Graduate exhibition

Following hundreds of submissions, we are thrilled to announce the finalists of the Trajectory Graduate showcase, taking place at theprintspace Gallery between 20th October – 2nd November.

Earlier this year we launched TRAJECTORY, a comprehensive showcase of the UK’s best photography talent from the 2016 season, marking a unique opportunity for all aspiring photography students graduating in 2016 to submit their work to be featured in the Trajectory exhibition taking place here at theprintspace Gallery, right in the heart of Shoreditch.

Curated by Dougie Wallace, Francesca Maffeo, Emma-Lily Pendleton, Maggie Pinhorn and Jocelyn Bain Hogg, the exhibition features the work of five recent graduates spanning a range of genres. From a powerful documentary project that explores a photographer’s relationship with the family they never met, to playful, tongue in cheek visual jokes involving sex toys.

Join us on the 20th October for the Private View of this exceptional collaborative exhibition that showcases the work of some of the best emerging artists from the UK.


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Billet, Tom Tapolczay
London College of Communication

Trajectory theprintspace Shoreditch photography exhibition

Over the past 7 months, Tom Tapolczay travelled nearly 3000 miles documenting the UK steel industry, something that has been present for over 200 years, but yet on the verge of seizing to exist. With the UK steel industry currently fighting for its survival since Tata Steel announced in March that it was considering selling its UK steel business, putting thousands of jobs at risk, Tom decided to investigate the impact that the steel industry has had on the landscape of Britain.

Tom Tapolczay theprintspace Mining Landspace photography

Focusing his attention on the areas surrounding the factory sites and how they imposed themselves on the landscape, Tom visited what he considers to be the most influential steelworks from the past 50 years. Consisting of five large format, C-Type prints, the work takes us on a visual narrative of the sites of the steelworks, and the remains of what has been left behind.


Domesticated Sex Toys, Will Ablett 
Arts University Bournemouth

Will Ablett theprintspace 50 shades of grey lovehoney still life photography

A still life photographer from Arts University Bournemouth, Will Ablett’s project stood out to the curators for it’s downright hilarious depictions of sex toys in banal, mundane environments,  marking it out as a highly original concept.

Will Ablett trajectory photography graduate exhibition london

At first glance, Domesticated Sex Toys appears to be a series of high end product images that you could expect to see filling the pages of some of the worlds most prestigious magazines. But on closer inspection, they reveal something out of the ordinary. Colaborating with adult store, Lovehoney, Will has successfully created a subtle and clever visual response to the increase in sales of sex toys seen in the industry after the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. The images point to a growing popularity of sex toys and their place in people’s homes and call to question our conception of sex toys, normality and day to day life. 


Souls, Mohamed Hassan 
Carmarthen School of Art

Mohamed Hassan theprintspace Trajectory fineart printing London

Carmarthen School of Art graduate, Mohamed Hassan aimed to challenge some of the stereotypes and judgements that people make about others. By taking photographs of people of different ages, gender, race and sexual orientation, he explored equality and tolerance by stripping away the subject’s personal appearance so that the impression the viewer gets is of a human, an individual, not a stereotype. 

Mohamed Hassan theprintspace London photography printers

In this work, you can see beyond the subject’s outer appearance, they all present a calm inner presence and dignity. Mohamed comments: “It is my hope that they view of these images asks: Who is this person? What is their story? Is this person who I think or believe they are?”

One of the things that really stood out with this project was the technical brilliance and professionalism that Mohamed applied to his work, displaying exceptional richness and depth, with an uncompromisingly direct, honest portrait aesthetic.


The Duke of Earl, Chris Bethell
London College of Communication

Chris Bethell theprintspace Trajectory Landscape

Chris has a dual-nationality; a citizen of both The United Kingdom and The United States of America. Having spent his whole life living in the United Kingdom, he had always craved to set foot in the United States, to find out what the other half of his identity, looked like, felt, sounded and meant.

Chris Bethell  theprintspace Trajectory photography exhibition

Until three years ago he believed an elaborate fiction about his family’s history on the other side of the Atlantic. When he found out that my Grandfather’s life was actually very different to the story he had believed, his conception of America became confused and so did the image of himself. Crossing the Atlantic and following his Grandfather’s path from East to West guided him through the project, as he went on the journey to discover not only his family history, but to also discover himself.


Benedict’s House, Ashley Bourne
Falmouth University

Ashley Bourne theprintspace Trajectory portrait Shoreditch Hoxton London

Monastic life takes many forms, but life according to the Rule of St Benedict is the oldest of those that have survived to the present day in the western church. ‘Benedict’s House’ was born from Ashley’s curiosity surrounding those who renounce so much to devote their lives to a spiritual service, a life seemingly shrouded in mystery to those outside.

Ashley Bourne theprintspace London Photography Trajectory

Ashley’s work encompasses ideas and themes around social and cultural diversity. His most recent works ‘Benedict’s House’ looks to Britain’s Benedictine monasteries, and those committed to a life of spiritual devotion.

So join us on the 20th October for the Private View of this unique, collaborative exhibition, have a drink, and have chance to speak to some of the photographers exhibiting. 

As always, entry is free, but make sure to RSVP to avoid disappointment. 



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