The Quantified Self series by renowned photographer exhibited with us

August 21, 2015

theprintspace are thrilled to announce a new exhibition with photographer Travis Hodges titled The Quantified Self. 





Do you count? For his latest project, London based photographer Travis Hodges explores the world of personal data tracking, uncovering the lives of those who are ‘self-tracking for self-improvement’.

Once the preserve of researchers and technology junkies, self-tracking is rapidly evolving into a mainstream trend as people are able to use smartphones and wearable sensors to record an expanding range of data and make use of its analysis.

Many of the commonly tracked metrics relate to health and self-improvement, but almost anything can be tracked; sleep, exercise, mood, weight, the list is almost endless as are the individual motivations for tracking. This project looks at the stories of the people who self track, the data they collect and their motivations for doing so.

Employing a very matter-of-fact aesthetic and keen eye for detail, Hodges has produced a revealing series of pictures exploring the increasingly popular phenomenon of personal bodily awareness and self-quantification in intimate detail.

The Quantified Self exhibition will be hosted by theprintspace with a launch evening taking place on Thursday 3rd September from 7.30pm. The exhibition continues until 16th September. The gallery is open 9am to 7pm on weekdays.

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