Winner of the Black & White photographer of the year revealed in exclusive interview

December 21, 2015

Black+White Photography magazine’s Assistant Editor, Anna Bonita Evans, chats to Vicki Painting, the winner of their 2015 competition Black+White Photographer of the Year. Selected from over 5,000 entries, Vicki’s pictures filled the criteria the judges were looking for: excellent presentation, originality, technical execution, creativity and style.



 Anna Bonita Evans: Congratulations Vicki on winning the 2015 Black+White Photographer of the Year competition, what has it meant for you to have your work acknowledged in this way?

Vicki Painting: It means a lot to me to have my work acknowledged by winning the competition. To have my pictures judged and appreciated by a panel who are all experts in their field is a privilege.

ABE: You’ve had your image in print exhibitions before, but how did you feel about the large scale (the prints are 100cm wide in size) and the mounting of your photographs for the exhibition, as they might not be what you’d choose yourself?

 VP: Ordinarily I would never have imagined this series as such large prints and was slightly anxious when I discovered that they were to be printed this size. However, I am more than happy with the results. It’s been an interesting exercise to relinquish control and allow others to make these decisions!

ABE: What are your plans for your photography now? Do you think winning the competition will influence your future in photography?

VP: I’m currently doing an MA in Documentary Photography, so this is my current focus. This win has been a tremendous boost and motivation for taking my photography forward.

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To see the winning pictures from the 2015 competition click here.

All images © Vicki Painting




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