theprintspace presents ‘Well Heeled’ – An exhibition by Dougie Wallace

November 11, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 16.49.28.pngtheprintspace gallery are proud to announce the official exhibition opening of ‘Well Heeled’ by photographer Dougie Wallace, taking place between November 17th – 22nd.


The exhibition marks the latest of Wallace’s keen-eyed social documentary projects. In this he once again presents a humorous, alternative perspective on an aspect of contemporary culture by focussing on one of our most familiar companions. Dogs.

Join us for the private view on Thursday November 17th by reserving your free ticket below.

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‘Well Heeled’ captures details in a dog’s eye view that humans wouldn’t normally see. Behind the coiffured and pampered ‘children in fur coats’ the focus is on their claws, their paw pads, their incisors, drool drenched beards and watery eyes.

 dog barking.jpg

Their canine traits erupt throughout the photographs and leave the viewer in no doubt that they are animals who would rather be chasing rabbits in a field and chewing bones than getting carried about wearing a Swarovski crystal encrusted collars and Louis Vuitton lead.


dougiewallace image3.jpg


Dougie Wallace had enough of getting chased down the road and told to delete the picture he’s just taken; he’s now turned his camera on man’s best friend and the strange world of pet parents. Dogs don’t talk back and their owners stand by with pleasure while their ‘offspring’ leap around enjoying being snapped. 


dougie wallace image4.jpg

Anthropomorphic parents spend as much on pet grooming as they would on their own hair. Dougie Wallace has used his acute observation and innate wit to portray this phenomenon in his new series Well Heeled. Wallace’s dogs have human expressions, humorous thoughts and collude with the viewer with knowing eyes to camera.

Limited edition fine-art print sales will be available during the exhibition, powered by thehub.

Join us on the 17th of November by reserving your free ticket below.



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