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Lukas Strebel

We are proud to present ANTOGLYPH by Lukas Strebel. The Emmy award winning and BAFTA nominated Director of Photography will showcase in this exhibition a wide range of surreal images from his 1970’s body of work.

All images in the exhibition were shot in black and white and are rich with symbolism and hints of some hidden personal narrative beyond – touching on deep subconscious urges, emotions and fears. Many of them will be presented as groups and sequences creating a strong sense of an unfolding narrative – the pull of the photographer toward film.

The images form an unfurling story of artistic development, compositional complexity and metaphorical beauty captured with film. Working first in his native Switzerland, and later in Canada and the UK in the 1970’s, the exhibited images are expressive of the bohemianism of the time. Their energy and fluency come as a result of Strebel’s particular relationship to both fine art and cinema.

Here is a little anecdote relating to ANTOGLYPH:

During the 1970’s Lukas travelled to Spain to meet and photograph Salvador Dali. He took with him ‘Antoglyph’, the kitchen table which appears regularly in his images. Having been initially refused entrance Lukas gave Dali’s maid a copy of the photograph ‘meus volatus magicus supra Antoglyphum’ and asked her to appeal once more. On the strength of this image he was granted entrance. Cruelly, the day of the appointed shoot Lukas was called back to Switzerland for national service.

The opening night of the exhibition is 24th November at theprintspace gallery on 74 Kingsland Road. It starts at 7:00-9:30 pm, admission is free and drinks will be provided! ANTOGLYPH will then run from 25th November 2011 until 3rd January 2012.