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Brits Abroad

Charlie Clift

Take a look at Charlie Clift’s exhibition ‘Brits Abroad’ to discover the diversity of life amongst British expatriates on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

theprintspace client Charlie Clift’s ‘Brits Abroad‘ is a project that aims to see what it is like to move to another country and live in a new culture.

“Immigrants are so often spoken about in terms of statistics or stereotypes,” he tells us. “I want people to understand the variety within a group showing how different each person can be.”

Charlie chose not to focus on immigrants in the UK but rather he turned my lens on those Brits who leave their country to live abroad. “I hope that this enables a British audience to empathise easily with my subjects,” he says.

For his personal project he photographed people who lead a wide variety of lifestyles on the Mediterranean coast of Spain to show the diversity of life amongst British expatriates.

“I found a common thread of “Britishness” running through each and every one of my subjects,” he says.  “But beyond that they were a large and diverse group of characters.”

All exhibited prints were made at theprintspace and are featured in The Surface Gallery exhibition in Nottingham named Contemporary Photography NOW.

To see all the featured works of his exhibition visit ‘Brits Abroad’ website and find out more about the exhibition on The Surface Gallery’s facebook page.

  1. This looks like an awesome piece of work!