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Pursuit of Perpetual Motion

Bronwen Hyde

Browen Hyde won Editor’s Choice in our last competition, ‘Movement’. theprintspace judges commended Bronwen’s control of colours, lighting and exposure and described her entry as an excellent example of fine art photography.

Browen Hyde is a fine art photographer from Australia, currently living in North London. “I fell into photography toward the end of high school as a way to express the visual ideas I had in my mind,” she tells us.

“My love for music was quickly overtaken by my love for capturing photographs, and since then it’s remained my main focus.”

‘Adrift’ – from Interior/ Exterior series

Bronwen’s work varies from staged portraiture and self-portraiture inspired by light, colour, locations, characters, props and costumes, through to images recording my fascination with natural and urban landscapes and details, creatures, and death.

Obsessive Colour Co-ordination

Photography allows her to capture images of people and things that fascinate her, as well as telling stories and conveying emotions through images. “When shooting film I often defaulted to shooting in black and white,” she says.

“I found it less distracting so I could focus on the subject and composition,” she adds. “Since moving to digital I find colour is a strong aspect of my photography. Perhaps that is related to my obsessive colour coordination when it comes to clothing.”

‘On the Couch’ – from Metanoia series

Currently Bronwen is finishing working on a series of self-portraiture called ‘interior/ exterior’ and she is hoping to have a self-published book of this body of work out through Blurb by the end of the year.

Interior/ Exterior

“It’s a project I’ve been working on for a number of years, including undertaking a residency at Hospitalfield in Arbroath, Scotland, in 2011,” she says. “And has taken me longer than expected to finally bring to book form, but I’m excited to finally do so.”

To create her images Bronwen uses a Nikon D700 and Photoshop CS5. “I don’t really get caught up in the equipment side of things,” she says. “In the end they are just tools.”

‘Creeper’ – from Interior/ Exterior series

Bronwen has been using theprintspace for printing since returning to the UK, and had previously heard about the monthly competitions via theprintspace’s Twitter account and Facebook page. “I had thought about entering a few times, but didn’t actually do so until the ‘Movement’ theme came up,” she says.

“As movement has been something I’ve been using within my self-portraiture to convey a particular feeling or mood, I decided to enter in pursuit of perpetual motion,” she says. “It was a lovely surprise to find my image shortlisted, and then selected as Editor’s Choice.”

“When it comes to printing, I prefer matt or semi-matt papers, so the Fuji Matt paper tends to be my preference,” she explains.

See more of Bronwen Hyde’s work over on her website, and keep up to date with her shoots on twitter.