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Movement Finalists

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Our Movement photo contest shortlist is complete. The judges have shortlisted their favourite entries – now it’s over to you to vote for your winners!

The Judges

Ben Von Wong – notorious for his epic photography, enjoys to play with fire

Ben Hopper – commercial and fine-art photographer, has a thing a for risqué nudes

Geoff Waugh – sports photographer, currently editing images of the Tour de France

Andy Day – Parkour photographer, likes to travel and to climb things

The Shortlist

Kevin McGarry

“That sunset light just calms me down. It’s a picture I could look at for few minutes.” – Ben Hopper

Zaira La Ragione

“This is just an interesting picture. The shape and colours make it an interesting capture. You can’t tell exactly what’s going on but there’s a hint. I like that.” – Ben Hopper

Benjamin Youd

“I like the playful simplicity. The black and white has allowed for a subtle range of tones that give what might be a typical holiday scene a slightly surreal feel. There’s a sense of freedom and energy about this image that I like.”
– Andy Day

Suzi Ovens

“This is a good capture of a process. You can see the body as it changes. It’s interesting.” – Ben Hopper

Kaja Gwincinska

“A clear winner for me. Pin sharp, a strong body position, the movement exaggerated by the flick of water and the trailing hair, all offset by the distorted reflection. The arch of the body is mirrored by the ripples in the water. Just enough of the sky has been brought in to emphasise the composition without being too much of a distraction. “ – Andy Day

Andrew Morgan

“Sometimes a blurry, grainy image can put you right in the middle of the action.” – Andy Day

Hannah Williams

“Good lighting and the right moment. ” - Ben Hopper

“A bold move obscuring the rest of the dancer to reveal only the lower legs and feet, but the shadows and mystery make this a winner.” - Geoff Waugh

Peter Chinnock

“A very nice reportage style image that is well composed, lit and processed.” - Geoff Waugh

“I love the contrast between the movement of the wheel and the static of the artisan.  It tells a great story and is technically amazing with the subject being tack sharp!” – Ben Von Wong

Carlton Watt

“I love this grainy , sepia toned image. The vignette and slightly soft feel all add up to give the picture a fantastic vintage look. You can almost smell the popcorn.” - Geoff Waugh

Ivan Maslarov

“Sharp, despite the obviously low light levels, and a simple but effective composition. I really like that it is a regular street and no-one is paying the BMXer any attention, despite his or her skill.” – Andy Day

Ihab Mokayed

“I very much enjoyed the conceptual twist of this image, the tension in the subjects body gives the viewer a sensation of unbalance which I think is what makes this image quite intriguing!” – Ben Von Wong

Emily Corcoran

“I love how the subject pops into frame and is just a little sharper than its surroundings. Very nice sense of movement and technically difficult to achieve!” – Ben Von Wong

Bronwen Hyde

“I find this image quite unsettling. The three fingers, the lack of a face, the bearded man, and the bare feet – it feels like something out of a horror film. The blurring as a result of movement gives the human form a slightly non-human feel.”
– Andy Day

Sam Royston

“A long exposure time to display the skills of the rider and, most crucially, mix and blend the various light sources. Shows what detailed planning and collaboration can achieve.” - Geoff Waugh

Jurgen Dabeedin

“A technically superior image that not only captures and freezes movement, but transforms the subject into another shape the naked eye could barely recognise.” – Geoff Waugh

Jean Sebastian Genet

“This shot to me was my favorite – an image of contrasts. Despite being an image that feels completely static, we sense the movement of the ferris wheel spinning. Love it!” – Ben Von Wong

Liam Arthur

“This is a good photo. It might be staged but you can’t tell. You can see a situation. There’s a story here. The composition is nice and the moment is perfect. I like the guy who sits underneath the tent on the left.” - Ben Hopper

Barry Elder

“Being a fellow pyromaniac I know how difficult it is to put together a shot like this! We feel the car’s movement and the image turns out amazingly dramatic.” – Ben Von Wong

How to Vote

Congratulations to all the photographers that made the shortlist and best of luck in the voting round. Click the ‘Vote Now’ button below to see all the images and vote for your favourites!

  1. Juli Add says:

    Breathtaking shot by Kaja! AMAZING!!!

  2. Steven Stave says:

    Love Kaja's work.


  4. Ron Greenberg says:

    Kaja Gwincinska..The clear winner!

  5. 200 people voted for my photo… I am genuinely touched and happy… I never believed in such response. Everything can still change, the competition ends tomorrow at midday… But already this 200 votes feels like the first prize. For someone who is very self conscious that's… SO much! Thank you! And thanks to a great dancer and model Pia Rauhalinna!

  6. Dzacek Drumnbass says:

    Kaja, go, go , go!

  7. Mitch Paul says:

    All the submissions are pretty amazing, but the Kaja Gwincinska image impresses me on so many levels. Composition, clarity and execution. I see a gifted artist here. Thank you for presenting.

  8. Jk Singh says:

    Kaja Gwincinska – you're the winner to me. The picture is full of art, expression, desire , joy and what not. I feel the vibrations that energizes the soul when I look at it. Thanks a ton for the wonderful click!

  9. Thanks for choosing my picture.

  10. Kaja Gwincinska – the best!- movement that's really moving.

  11. Mira Gwincinska Hirsch says:

    Go, Kaja, go!

  12. Jax Etta says:

    Hannah Williams

  13. Love and well done to Peter Chinnock, Hannah Williams and Benjamin Youd, these are really great images and cannot make my mind up to which is my favourite. Congrats