Your chance to swap a print with David Hurn & Martin Parr

Magnum’s dedication to distinctive visual storytelling has given us an authentic and challenging perspective on many major events and cultural movements of the last 70 years. At theprintspace we believe in the power of images as a call to action, inspiring change and understanding in the world. With growing noise, and an increasing abundance of ephemeral imagery, making work that matters is more important now than it ever has been.

To celebrate Magnum Photos 70th Anniversary, we are offering the global photography community the chance to swap a print with David Hurn and Martin Parr, by participating in a free online print swapping project.

Legendary Magnum photographer David Hurn has worked as one of Britain’s most influential reportage photographers for over 60 years. As a connoisseur and patron of documentary photography Hurn has amassed an extensive photography collection, with prints from some of the world’s most celebrated photographers, built mostly through the art of swapping.

The Swap Shop project was inspired by the resulting David Hurn’s Swaps exhibition curated by Martin Parr, on display at PhotoLondon.


From the David Hurn Swaps exhibition, 'The Picnic', Ⓒ Harry Gruyaert


What's on offer:


From the David Hurn Swaps exhibition 'Peter O Toole', Ⓒ David Hurn

  • Enter for free into our open call submission via thehub. We are looking for your best images, inspired by the iconic work of Magnum Photographers over the past 70 years.
  • Magnum Photos editors will judge the entries and choose their favourite 200 images, and curate a Swap Shop exhibition at theprintspace, to run from 30th June to 11th July with a private view on 29th June. 
  • All 200 people shortlisted for the exhibition will be able to swap prints with each other. This is optional and subject to mutual agreement but it will give everyone the chance to build their art collection in the same way David Hurn has over the years.
  • Two people will swap a print with either David Hurn or Martin Parr, giving you an opportunity to be in their collection and for them to be in yours. David Hurn’s & Martin Parr’s swapped images will feature in the show also.

How does it work?


It's free to enter, and you can enter 1 image per week for the 4 week submission period, which runs from 17th May to 12th June.


You need to use thehub sharing feature to enter. thehub is theprintspace’s software platform to enable photographers and artists to print, sell, share and store images. It is free to use. Simply upload your image, select share and share to
Click here for step by step instructions.


Judging will take place on 14th June. Entries selected for the show will be notified on 21st June. Swap requests take place on thehub, full details of this process will be supplied to the selected entrants. Swaps are not guaranteed as both parties must agree to the swap, and they are not compulsory.


We will print your work for you for the exhibition for free, and will print any swaps you approve. We will make selections of our favourite entries and will share these on social media with full credits, if you do not wish your entry to be publicised then please tell us in the message box when you enter.

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