Ballet, Chewbacca, & a Drink with Shane McGowan; Swap Shop so far

May 25, 2017

Paul Cruickshank copy.jpg


Swap Shop is a global participation project with Magnum Photos, which is open for entries and receiving a great response from around the world.  

As Henri Cartier-Bresson said “To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.”  Whether it’s a coquettish Chewbacca, an intimate portrait of Shane MacGowan, a candid documentary moment, or abstract fashion work – compelling images fire our curiosity, and expand our horizons.  Photography is a window that, if we’re open to it, grows our ability to see. 

During the entry period for Swap Shop we’ll be showcasing images, along with short statements by the photographers about their work. 

See some of the recent entries below:

Dima Hohlov

“I had a commission from a British shoe brand, and during the creative brief I suggested we use a ballet dancer instead of a conventional model. We found this amazing dancer from South Africa, who teaches yoga as well, and she helped us to create memorable images.”

Dmitirj Hohlov-1.jpg

Paul Cruickshank

“I took this this photo whilst in the company of good friends en route to a Photography Exhibition in Germany. I love the blending of shapes and patterns and the sly and funny look from Chewbacca!”


Paul Cruickshank copy-1.jpg


Tori Ferenc

“The photo comes from my series called Tradition which explores the community of Orthodox Jews living in Stamford Hill. This particular photo was taken during Purim celebrations, when children dress up and parade in the streets. I am a documentary and portrait photographer, with a strong interest in the streets and urban environments.”


Tori Ferenc copy-1.jpg


Libi Pedder

“I confess that I had a mixture of trepidation and fascination when I was commissioned to photograph Shane MacGowan in the early 2000’s but this portrait – which is one of my abiding favourites – is a testament to how well the session actually went. A man of few words but an easy & charming subject none the less!”


Libi Pedder copy-2.jpg


Tee Byford

“The transactions between myself and this scene through the object of a camera enables me to reflect on that moment. Like a journal entry written in shorthand the mind can alter the truth or invent its own memory prompted by the loose illustration. The image at hand is about exploring this concept, by removing any indicators of the truth the image opens itself to interpretation: a self truth to the individual that views it.”


Tee_Byford copy-1.jpg


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