Want to print your next exhibition for free? Here’s how!

May 15, 2021
Photo by Alex Supran on Unsplash

With our print referral scheme, you could be printing your next exhibition for free in no time. How? It’s quite simple!

Once you’ve made an order with us using a credit/debit card you get a referral code. Share that code with your friends to give them 50% off their first order (up to £50). You’ll then earn 10% of what they spend in 12 months back as print credit! For each user you refer, we’ll also fund the World Land Trust to protect 25m2 of natural habitat.

They will hopefully keep using us (check out our customer reviews), so in a few months you could have earned enough credit to print for free. The more people you refer, the more credit you’ll earn!

(1) Login to your account. Find your code on your homepage

(2) Share it on your website, social, with friends, get creative!

(3) Sit back and let the credit roll in

(4) In a matter of months you are printing for free


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